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Welcome to our comprehensive suite of professional services, designed to meet the diverse financial needs of individuals and businesses. With a wealth of experience and a commitment to excellence, we offer a wide range of services to help you navigate the complexities of finance and taxation.

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Bank Audit

  • Statutory Audits of Branches: We conduct thorough statutory audits of bank branches, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements and financial accuracy.
  • Concurrent Audits of H.O. and Branches: Our concurrent audits provide real-time monitoring of financial transactions, enhancing transparency and risk management.
  • Stock Audits of Branches: Accurate stock audits are essential for financial control and risk mitigation. We offer comprehensive stock audit services.
  • Revenue Audits of Branches: Uncover revenue-related insights with our revenue audit services, helping you optimize your financial operations.

Direct and Indirect Taxes

  • Income Tax Services: We specialize in the preparation and filing of income tax returns for individuals, firms, LLPs, and companies. We represent clients before tax authorities when needed.
  • TDS Services: Our services include the preparation and filing of TDS returns, as well as addressing grievances related to TDS with tax authorities.
  • Tax Audit: We conduct tax audits under Section 44 AB of the Income Tax Act, ensuring compliance with tax regulations.
  • GST Services: Navigate the complex landscape of Goods and Services Tax with our expertise. We also provide GST-related audits.
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Corporate Services

  • Company Registration: Trust us for efficient company registration services.
  • MCA Compliance: We handle the preparation and filing of various forms related to the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA).
  • Financial Statement Preparation: Ensure compliance with the Revised Schedule VI of the Companies Act, 1956, and rely on us for the finalization and preparation of annual financial statements.
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Specialized Services

  • MIS (Management Information Systems): Gain insights into your business with our MIS services.
  • Costing and Budgeting: Optimize your financial planning and control with our costing and budgeting expertise.
  • Expenditure Management: Achieve efficient expenditure management with our guidance.
  • HR Policy Design: Craft effective HR policies with our specialized services.
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  • Bookkeeping: We offer bookkeeping services, including maintenance of a double-entry book of accounts for all entities.
  • Finalization of Accounts: Rely on us for accurate and thorough finalization of accounts.

Other Audit Services

  • Information System Audits: We conduct audits related to Business Continuity Planning (BCP) and Disaster Recovery Management (DRM), ensuring the security of your systems.
  • Compliance Audits: Ensure compliance with regulatory requirements through our comprehensive compliance audits.
  • Operational Audits: Identify areas for operational improvement with our operational audit services.
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Additional Services

  • GST Services: We offer expertise in Goods and Services Tax.
  • Trademark Services: Protect your intellectual property with our trademark services.
  • TAN/PAN Services: We assist in TAN and PAN applications and modifications.
  • Trust Services: Including registration under Section 12A/AA and 80G, FCRA registrations, and CSR registrations for trusts.
  • Professional Tax Services: Ensure compliance with professional tax regulations.
  • Project Reports: We provide project reports for various entities.
  • Financial Consultancy & Tax Planning: Rely on us for expert financial consultancy and tax planning services.

Professional Experience

We have a distinguished professional career, serving as the Statutory Branch Auditor for Nationalized Banks since 2018-19. Our experience includes Concurrent Audits of Cooperative Bank Branches, Revenue and Stock Audits for Banks, and an extensive background in taxation, including tax audits, income tax computation, and project reports for various entities.

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